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Honour your loved ones with a well-maintained grave. Our caring service ensures their final resting place always looks its best.

Grave Care Co

About Us

Welcome to Grave Care Co, a family-run business committed to providing a personalised service that cleans, tidies and maintains graves, headstones and memorials. Our dedication extends to offering a heartfelt flower-laying and planting service, adding a touch of beauty, life and remembrance.

Our journey into compassionate grave care was sparked by personal experiences, driving us to deliver the same level of care and devotion to each gravesite we tend. With profound respect and meticulous attention to detail, our goal is to create a serene and dignified space that honours the memory of your beloved ones.

Choose Grave Care Co, a family-run enterprise, for affordable, compassionate and dependable grave care services that mirror the love and devotion you hold for your departed family members and friends. Let us tend to their resting place, allowing you to hold their memories close to your heart.

Standard Tending Plan Includes

Stone Scrubbing

Gently scrubbing off dirt, moss and pollution on the stone using organic, non-abrasive solutions.


Extensive removal of weeds and unwanted plants on the lawn and around the stone.

Stone Edging

Trimming of overgrown grass and foliage that overlays and obscures the stone.

Debris Removal

Removal of leaves, twigs and other unwanted debris on the burial plot.

Memorial Repairs

We'll assess and provide photos of repairs or maintenance work that may be required. We can recommend a stonemason to advise you.

Please Note:

For Grave Care Co to fulfil any grave care service order you may place with us, we will need certain information regarding your deceased loved one, including their name, date of birth, cemetery, and grave reference. Having this information on hand when booking your grave care visit will be helpful. If you don't have this information, we can assist you in locating it.

If you'd like more information about our services, you can visit our FAQ'S section or review our terms and conditions.

Gravesite Flower Delivery Service From £49

Grave Care Co offers more than just posies, bouquets or wreaths. Our flowers are meticulously sourced in Sussex, cultivated through sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Enrich the serene beauty of your loved one's final resting place with our selection of bee-friendly flowers and plants, strengthening beauty and biodiversity.

We recognise that in a busy fast paced world it can be difficult to find the time to visit and care for the final resting place of your loved ones.